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We have  the unique opportunity to improve the welfare of this horse and others. Help us making it a reality.
Blondie is part of a promising research project that aims at developing a behavioral approach to  crib-biting, a problem many horse owners know. Blondie's owner is selling her and she risks dropping out of the program. We need your support to give her a forever home and continue the exciting research.
Why do we need your help?
Blondie, a 6-year old Quarter horse mare 

  • is a "cribber". Cribbing or crib-biting is a behavior in which a horse repeatedly grasps a surface (e.g. feed bucket or stall edge) with its teeth, pulls back, and draws air

  • to inhibit this behavior, the owner applied a tight collar which caused a partial facial paralysis which resulted in a hanging lower lip and she almost lost sight in her right eye

  • as a consequence, the owner has decided to sell her.
But there's a lot more to it

Blondie is the main actor in a scientific research project with the aim to develop a behavioral approach to reduce crib-biting. This is a completely novel approach. She has already made a lot of progress: from initially cribbing instantly and at high frequency after taking a mouthful of hay, she can now eat a whole ration without cribbing!

This is a huge success!

Watch the two videos below and see for yourself. These videos were recorded on the same day, before and after Blondie's training session for the day.


The next steps are to expand on this and increase the time and conditions without crib-biting.

We have a plan.

Again, why do we need your help?

Crib-biting is a health and welfare concern and often the reason why owners decide to sell a horse.

Science has not yet provided a successful treatment plan for crib-biting. Suggestions, such as reducing stress or providing enrichment, are not effective.

Blondie is on a good way to proving that a behavioral approach to reducing crib-biting is a promising option. But we risk losing this if she is sold to someone else.

Want to find out more?

Listen to the Equiosity Podcast Episode 83 of November 13, 2019, where Blondie's story, the ongoing research and the purpose of this fundraising are described in detail.

Find out why your donation is needed and how it is going to be used.

Or watch the interview I was invited to by the amazing Friends On Horses Podcast

We risk losing what could help many more horses and their caring owners.
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Meet the team responsible for Blondie's training and research

"We care deeply about Blondie. Working with her over 3 years has created an emotional bond and the progress she has made makes us hopeful of finding an approach to reduce crib-biting that actually works and could help many more horses. But now I'm worried because we risk losing her and the progress made so far."

~ Dr Michaela Hempen
Dr Michaela Hempen 
Veterinarian and Equine scientist
Dr Jesus Rosales Ruiz
Behavior analyst, Professor at University of North Texas
Alexandra Kurland
Horse training and Animal behavior professional
Mary Hunter
Behavior analyst, Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas
This is how you can help:


With your donation, we aim to achieve two things: [1] buy Blondie and give her a loving home for life (€4500) and [2] publish the research in an open source scientific journal (€1500) . 

As a Thank You gift, we will send you some first results of this research.

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